Jahaan Blake - Women in Leadership


Women are powerful forces – and when they tap into their strengths, they can lead their teams to unimaginable heights. 


Today we talk to Jahaan Blake, the founder and CEO of The J. Blake Group. Jahaan is a Sports Executive turned Career Coach who helps high achieving women in the Sports and Entertainment Industry who feel stuck, frustrated, and defeated find their voice and tackle whatever is keeping them from getting exactly what they want out of their career.


Jamie and Jahaan cover so many great topics. Jahaan shares with us how she got where she is today as well as insights on:

> Strategies for women looking to advocate for themselves

> Coaching clients on articulating their value

> Successfully navigating male dominant industries and how others can do the same 


Please join us in the HQ and share your mentorship stories with us. Give a shout out to your mentor while you’re there, too! 

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Find Belma here:

Website: www.jahaanblake.com

Podcast: Game of Her Own

LinkedIn: Jahaan Blake 

Instagram: @jahaanblake 








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