Planning For Those Big Decisions


Jamie did not even mind hopping on board with this one! And we all know by now – this is one of Mary’s favorite topics! Planning!


Today the ladies talk about planning and the process you go through when you want to make big changes in your business. Some examples of recent changes they have made in the last year are: rebranding, marketing and hiring. 


They cover many great tips and tricks for the planning process, including: 

> Choosing the right people to work with throughout your change

> Being clear on your goals and what you want so you can give the right direction to everyone

> Take the time needed to get through the change. “Saving time” doesn’t always end up working in the long run – don’t take shortcuts

> Evaluate all of the things you want to do and prioritize to avoid overwhelm and distractions


Please join us in the HQ. We’d love to hear what you’re planning this year. If you’re struggling with a decision or you’ve already made one – we’d love to know!


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