If you are considering selling your product online, it is definitely a strategic process to determine which platform is best and why. It is extremely important to be knowledgeable on each platform that is available to save yourself from limitations, to save yourself money, and really know which avenue is best for YOUR product and for your market!


While there are many online platforms to sell on, like Etsy, Shopify, or Zulily…Amazon is one of the top leading platforms for entrepreneurs to utilize to sell their products. It is where people are looking!


Today, Mary speaks with Mike Begg, Co-Founder of AMZ Advisers, an expert in e-commerce digital marketing, and operational nearshoring. Mike and his team at AMZ Advisers also operate AMZ courses educating Amazon sellers on how to maximize sales on the Amazon platform.


In this episode, Mike gives his expertise on the benefits of selling on Amazon and how to maximize your profits utilizing this mainstream platform. Some of the many great topics covered include:


 > Why it is valuable to not only sell on Amazon, but why selling on your own sales channel and other platforms is also important 

> Pros, tips and strategies to selling on Amazon successfully

> Why brands fail when selling on Amazon

> The benefits, costs, and return on investment of advertising on Amazon


Please join us in the HQ. We’d love to hear from you – share your product business and which platforms you’re on.

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Find Mike here:

Website: http://amzadvisers.com/

AMZ Courses: https://www.amzcourses.com/

Email: Mike@amzadvisers.com

Twitter: AMZ Advisers

LinkedIn: Mike Beg








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