If you are an entrepreneur wanting to launch a digital product and scale your business, this episode is for you!  

Today, Jamie speaks with Monica Froese, Founder of Empowered Business Co. and Redefining Mom, LLC. Monica’s mission is to empower women to create financial independence through building their own 6-figure digital product businesses. She swears she has the “secret” weapon!

In this episode, Monica shares with us her motherhood struggles that led her to blogging, how her blog unexpectedly led her to the White House, and her valuable roadmap on how entrepreneurs, especially mompreneurs, can scale their businesses with digital products. 


Monica shares her experience and insights on:

> How she came to be in the digital product space with launching and coaching other businesses

> Biggest mistakes of launching digital products

> How enhancements and upsells are key to creating a successful digital products business

> How she uses a sales funnel process to bring customers to her products

> How once you make a product, you must talk about it…you must share it!


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Find Monica here:

Website: https://monicafroese.com/   https://empoweredbusiness.co

Facebook: https://facebook.com/monicanfroese

Instagram: https://instagram.com/redefiningmom

Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/monicanfroese







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