Are you a business looking for a free directory listing that can bring in more customers? Many people don’t know, but Google provides a free “Google My Business” listing to businesses that can serve businesses locally!


Today, Mary speaks with Amanda Tento, Owner and Founder of TDM Marketing, 337 Networking, and host of The Determined Mom Show podcast. Amanda’s goal is to help small business owners grow their business and reach more customers while offering Google My Business management, education and marketing coaching.


In this episode, Amanda shares with us what “Google My Business” actually is and why this free directory is great for any type of business, whether a product or service-based business, and why you want to utilize this to bring in new customers.


Amanda shares her experience and insights on:

> What are the most important parts of creating your Google profile

> The benefits and cost savings of using this free Google directory

> How to best use this directory to sell your products

> How using Google My Business can bring you in more business

> The importance of staying active on your profile utilizing automation tools


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