This week Mary goes solo and brings us her experience and expertise on integrating your business time with other areas of your life.


According to Mary, having a work-life balance is unachievable, a myth, and sets you up for unrealistic expectations for yourself. Trying to obtain this so-called “work life balance” is overrated.   


Mary dives into a method she calls work life integration, where we stop focusing on multi-tasking all areas of your life… at one time.  Instead this integration focuses on separating and creating boundaries for each area of work, life, and self to be present, focused, and successful. 


In this episode, Mary shares on:

> The 3-tier pyramid structure to obtain work life integration

> Tips and tools to manage and evaluate each area of self, home, and work life

> Time management, efficiency, and frequent check-ins in all areas of work and life through each stage of your business.

> Creating and implementing process and procedures to simplify and have systems in place


Click here for the 3-Tier Work Life Integration Pyramid and Scorecard Workbook


Please join us in the HQ. We’d love to hear from you – where do you spend most of your time in these three areas…self, home/family, or your business?


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