Your PEOPLE are your greatest ASSET!


If you are in the mode of hiring or contracting work and wanting to grow and scale your business, then you won’t want to miss this month’s series all about HIRING. 


In this episode, Mary and Jamie dive into the importance of planning and the strategies used for your hiring process.  While there is no tried and true formula to finding the perfect person for your team, there are ways to help ensure you are looking, and recruiting, those best suited for your type of business and team dynamic.


Mary and Jamie share their experience and insights on:

> Defining the needs within your business before hiring

> Utilizing a trial run when on the hiring path

> Being open to reevaluating your hiring needs throughout your years in business

> Three things to ask yourself before you hire

> Hiring through referrals and networking

> The ONE thing to put in the job description to eliminate applicants that are not detail-oriented


Please join us in the HQ. We’d love to hear from you – tell us your hiring questions, what are you afraid of or avoiding when hiring?


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