Do you know you need help in your business, but have no idea what you actually need to delegate or how to properly define the role you are looking to fill?


This is one of the biggest struggles of hiring. Narrowing down what you actually NEED to hire for to ensure you are getting responses from the “right” potential employee/contractor can be difficult.


In this episode, Mary flies solo and gives some incredible tips when it comes to finding the right person, for the right role, and for the right tasks. Before putting out your next job description or help wanted ad, you will want to listen in to gain valuable insight on how to prepare for that next hire.


Mary shares her experience and tips on:

> Who is the person you are looking to hire and what is their role 

> How to choose tasks that you are looking to delegate

> How to treat hiring as a company project and what this means

> Utilizing the “Whole Brain Thinking” technique when doing your next hire

> Ways to test and evaluate final candidates 


Looking for some amazing tools for hiring in your business, check out Upwork and Freeup and once you find that perfect team, Slack is a perfect communication tool to stay connected and productive.


Please join us in the HQ. We’d love to hear from you – tell us what tools or resources you have used for hiring in your business.

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