Episode 115: Kickstart Your Marketing Plan

Kick Start Your Marketing Plan - Casey Gromer

  Marketing can feel like a four-letter word to some people in the business world. Yet, marketing is such a powerful tool to launch your business into the next level.   Today Jamie is talking with Casey Gromer from Wave Marketing. Casey is a fractional CMO and marketing integrator with over twenty years of experience […]

Episode 114: Fearless Founder: Laurie Palau of Simply B Organized

Laurie Palau

Today’s Fearless Founder is tidy, structured, and efficient. Not just with her own life, but with others’ as well!   Please allow us to introduce you to Lauria Palau from Simply B Organized. Laurie is a professional organizer and mentor who helps people live simply and work smarter.  Jamie gets to chat with her and […]

Episode 113: The Check In

The Check In

  Happy Groundhog Day!   Just kidding! We obviously know what day it is…maybe.    It sure feels like we’re living the movie every day! Today Jamie and Mary check-in and share where they’re at with the pandemic life. Here are just a few topics they discuss: > Focusing on family> The true value of […]

Episode 112: Video Is Your New Best Friend

Video Is Your New Best Friend - Patricia Kelikani

  Love it or hate it, video is becoming more and more a part of our lives throughout the current pandemic.    Today Jamie is talking with Patricia Kelikani, a true video guru! Patricia is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker who helps female entrepreneurs make more money with videos.    You won’t want to miss this […]

Episode 111: FearLess Founder: Ashley Hearon Smith of Momtourage

Fearless Founder - Ashley Hearon Smith

  Our latest FearLess Founder, Ashley Hearon Smith, is on the show today. Ashley has been in the entertainment industry for almost her entire life. She has always been a performer in some fashion. From dancing ballet at a young age, to working in film and production and then to being a professional actor herself.  […]

Episode 110: Writing Sales Pages That Work

Writing Sales Pages That Work - Liz Theresa

  Sales pages can totally make or break it for some businesses. There are so many people out there offering their services, you have to have a copy that will grab the attention of your potential future customers.    Today Jamie talks to Liz Theresa, the founder of LizTheresa.com. Liz is a copywriter and web […]

Episode 109: Up Level Your Writing Game

Up Level Your Writing Game - Austin L Church

  Writer’s block anyone? We know we’re not alone and many people have been there, but today’s guest doesn’t encounter that hurdle too often.    Jamie met Austin L. Church at the 2019 Craft + Commerce Conference in Boise, ID. Austin never pictured himself as an entrepreneur working as a writer and brand strategist, but […]

Episode 108: FearLess Founder: Joy Hoover of The Cupcake Girls

Fearless Founder - Joy Hoover

  We love our badass Fearless Founders – and today we are talking to one of these amazing leaders that’s paving the way.    Joy Hoover joins Jamie today to talk about her non-profit: Cupcake Girls. But that’s not all. She will also be talking about her newest exciting venture: Local for All! AND she […]

Episode 107: Finding Resilience

Finding Resilience - John Jantsch

  What better time than now to strengthen your resilience?    This week Jamie talks to John Jantsch, the author of The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur. His book is filled with 366 daily meditations to feed your soul while growing your business. He likes to avoid calling it a “how-to” book and prefers to refer to it […]

Episode 106: Grace


  We made it to week 2! Headcount… yep, we’re all here!    This week Jamie and Mary work through the coping side of this pandemic. You just gotta get through it.   The ladies are going to talk about:> Setting healthy boundaries > Re-evaluating your life – personal & business> Being flexible with your […]