Episode 95: You Can Create a Course!

You Can Create a Course! Hilary Erikson

Online courses have been popping up everywhere! It’s a wonderful thing. We all know something, right? So why not teach others who are interested in learning our “something” and make a little extra money in the process??   Don’t be scared! You totally got this!    And in case you don’t believe us, today we’re […]

Episode 94: World Domination Plans for 2020 – One Word at a Time

Word of the Year

It’s time to start planning!    Whether Jamie likes it or not 😉    We notoriously love to pick a word for the upcoming year. It helps to kick start the motivation we need to set, meet and even exceed all of our business goals for the year. This episode we’ll dive into the words […]

Episode 93: A Year In Review

A Year in Review

It’s that time of year! The time for everyone to reflect back on the year they’ve had and look forward to the year ahead of us!    Today Jamie and Mary will be talking about their year and answering these four questions regarding their businesses as well as for the FearLess Founder Podcast: > What’s […]

Episode 92: FearLess Founder: Dr. Cortney Baker

Dr Cortney Baker

Have you ever felt stuck? Like you are constantly climbing uphill and getting nowhere?   Dr. Cortney Baker will be speaking with us today and telling her story of having to jump every hurdle thrown her way in order to get where she wanted to be. She obtained her master’s degree while balancing the life […]

Episode 91: A Love Letter to Accountability Groups

A Love Letter to Accountability Groups

Who’s your person? We all have one. Or in this case, who are your people??    Accountability groups are so important to have in your life! They’re comprised of those people that just “get you”, they know exactly where you are in your journey and they are there solely to encourage and support you.    […]

Episode 90: It’s All About The Money, Honey: Plan Those Finances!

It’s All About The Money, Honey_ Plan Those Finances! - Danielle Hayden

Do you understand the current financial health of your business? But do you REALLY understand it?? To be able to stay up to date with your business’s finances, you have to know those numbers!    This week we’re talking to Danielle Hayden from Kickstart Accounting and creator of the Profit Planner. She’s telling us all […]

Episode 89: Geeking Out: The Inside Scoop from a How I Built This Fellow

Geeking Out: The Inside Scoop from a How I Built This Fellow

Have you ever went to an event, and totally just geeked out at all the information you were taking in?!   This was Mary last month when she attended NPR’s How I Built This Summit as a 2019 Fellowship recipient.    She got to meet some entrepreneur world celebs and listen to them all tell […]

Episode 88: FearLess Founder: Meenal Lele of Lil Mixins

Fearless Founder Lil Mixins - Meenal Lele

Welcome to this month’s feature in the FearLess Founders series!   Today we’re talking with Meenal Lele, the Fearless Founder of Lil Mixins! Lil Mixins is a company that is helping parents reduce their baby’s risk of developing food allergies safely, with real food!   Meenal has walked the life of a parent of a […]

Episode 87: Back to Basics: Protect that Intellectual Property!

Ep. 87 Back to Basics_ Protect the Intellectual Property

Let’s get intellectual together this week!    We all have it, but do we protect it?   Intellectual property. What’s that?! Jamie dives in with her legal knowledge to help us understand more about trademarks and copyright and why they are so darn important!    She will help you understand: > The eligibility of a […]

Episode 86: Angie Trueblood Pitch that Podcast

Who is out here podcasting it up?! Who wishes they were but keeps hesitating?   Today we’re talking with Angie Trueblood, Podcast Visibility and Outreach Specialist! Angie is a pro at helping entrepreneurs and podcasters, in general, grow their audience by positioning them in front of other audiences full of their ideal clients.    Angie […]