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Finding Resilience - John Jantsch

Episode 107: Finding Resilience

  What better time than now to strengthen your resilience?    This week Jamie talks to John Jantsch, the author of The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur. His book is filled with 366

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Episode 106: Grace

  We made it to week 2! Headcount… yep, we’re all here!    This week Jamie and Mary work through the coping side of this pandemic. You just gotta get

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Episode 105: Hope

  Here we are. The pandemic has hit and that’s news to no one. But what does that mean for each of us as we figure this whole quarantine thing

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Authentic Marketing

Episode 98: Authentic Marketing

Despite popular belief, “marketing” is NOT a dirty word.   This week, Mary sits down with Brit Kolo, the Creator of the Marketing Personality Type™ Framework at MarketingPersonalities.com and the

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Profitable Processes - Mary

Episode 97: Profitable Processes

This week, Mary goes solo with the topic of processes in your business. She spent 15 years in the corporate world, focusing her time on process improvements.    All that’s

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You Can Create a Course! Hilary Erikson

Episode 95: You Can Create a Course!

Online courses have been popping up everywhere! It’s a wonderful thing. We all know something, right? So why not teach others who are interested in learning our “something” and make

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