64: Unlock the Mystery: Behavioral Economics with Melina Palmer

What prompts a customer to buy? It’s the magic question of marketing. While we humans are not logical, we are very predictable. -Melina Palmer Behavioral economics, simply put, is the psychology behind why people buy: understanding how the brain works and how that impacts purchasing decisions. It’s understanding that the brain is bombarded with information, all […]

50 and Feeling Fine: 10 Lessons Learned While Podcasting

Time FLIES! It’s so hard to believe that we’ve managed to record and publish 50 WHOLE EPISODES of the Businessese Influencer Marketing Podcast. In that time we’ve become very familiar with our verbal tics, learned so much about the process of podcasting and interviewing, been lucky enough to talk to an array of amazing and […]

23: Building Your Brand Strategy with Stacey Ferguson

“What is my mission? What is my brand story?” They say that a dream without a plan is just a wish. That a goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline. We’re going to say that a business without a dream, a goal, a plan, and a deadline is a mess. A well […]

9: Master the Media Kit with Melissa Culbertson

We are affiliates for Media Kit Smash, Melissa’s course that walks you through making a professional, informative media kit that gives potential partners exactly what they’re looking for. Go ahead and check it out. We’ll wait. Last week, we chatted with Jenny Melrose about the power of pitching to collaborate with your dream brands as the […]

5: Essential Elements of Influencer Marketing Contracts

This episode is sponsored by Hashtag Legal. Contact Hashtag Legal to set up a consult to assist with your questions about influencer marketing contracts.  If there is one thing we want influencers (and all freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners) to take away from this podcast episode, this is it: Get it in writing. Every […]

4: Legal Mistakes in the Influencer Marketing World

There’s a lot on your mind when you’re getting your business off the ground. And even after a successful launch, there’s plenty to keep you occupied as you maintain or begin to grow that business. The last thing you probably want to think about is the legal side of your business. For many this is […]

3: Q & A with Jamie Lieberman

Now that you’ve had a chance to learn about Danielle, it’s time to get up close and personal with Jamie. Like Danielle, you may have met Jamie in person at a conference where she was speaking, or have picked up some key intel from her appearances in webinars, podcasts and written interviews online. In that […]

Introducing the Businessese Influencer Marketing Podcast! (Episode 1)

It’s here! We have not been shy about our love of podcasts, and since the launches of Businessese and Hashtag Legal we’ve had the pleasure of being interviewed by many innovative, business savvy podcast hosts. But from the beginning, we’ve wanted to host our own podcast series focused on the business of influencer marketing. This […]