Episode 71: UPLEVEL YOUR VIDEO SKILLS with Jamar Jones

Making videos is where it’s at right now – people want to see it, to believe it. Videos aren’t just helpful and entertaining for the audience watching them, they are also a tool that can help business owners take their business to the next level. The benefits are tremendous when it comes to going the...

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Episode 70: How to Build Your Online Presence with Rosie Colosi

To fit into March’s theme of Visibility, today we’re talking with Rosie Colosi from Write with Rosie, about where and how to start when it comes to getting published. If you’ve never been published before, it can be overwhelming trying figure out how to pick the best avenue when there are so many options out...

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69: Let’s Get Visible

This months theme is Visibility! We know. Everyone hates talking about themselves (except Jamie, she loves it). But visibility is one of the most important aspects of your business – otherwise how will people know you exist? Without a strong visible presence – how will your audience choose YOU? Lets Get Physical GIF from Olivianewtonjohn...

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68: How To Plan For And Gracefully End A Partnership (And Why Data Is Sexy)

Being that February’s theme here at FearLess is CHANGE, what better way to dive deep into the idea than to discuss one of the biggest changes that can occur in a business – breaking up with your business partner. A lot has happened for Jamie in the last month and in this episode, she’s sharing...

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67: So begins our fearless adventure

Welcome to Episode 67? … or … Episode 1? … of the FearLess Business Podcast! via GIPHY We get it.  Stay with us.  It is worth it (pinky swear). Many of you may know this podcast by our old name. But check it out, we are all shiny and new! So, what happened? Let’s just say, a lot. First, Jamie has a new co-host. Special welcome...

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66: The One Where Someone Says Goodbye

Parting is such sweet sorrow. The new year is an ideal time for fresh starts and redefining goals, and it’s bringing some ch-ch-ch-changes to our businesses and podcast. This is both our first episode of 2019 and the end of the line for the Businessese Influencer Marketing Podcast as you know it— as one of...

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The Hosts

Jamie Lieberman

Jamie Lieberman is the founder and owner of Hashtag Legal, a law firm working with influencer marketing professionals, online businesses and service professionals. She partners with her clients through each phase of their business on issues related to intellectual property, contracts, privacy, and business law. Jamie is an accomplished speaker on a wide range of legal topics, with the goal of making those topics accessible and easy to understand. She also speaks regularly about negotiation, monetization for content creators and lessons for entrepreneurs. Jamie is a city girl, who loves travel, fashion and hanging out with her family.

Mary Clavieres

Mary Clavieres is the founder of Brief Transitions, a product based business providing mesh underwear to women after childbirth and surgeries. Out of her love for building community, Mary founded The Transitions Collections
a platform that provides access to experts and resources for community driven entrepreneurs. Mary also provides change management, leadership, and team effectiveness workshops for both entrepreneurs and corporations via her consulting business, Mary Clavieres Consulting. She is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs through various stages and transitions of their businesses. Mary loves traveling, learning new things and spending time with her family.

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