It’s here!

We have not been shy about our love of podcasts, and since the launches of Businessese and Hashtag Legal we’ve had the pleasure of being interviewed by many innovative, business savvy podcast hosts. But from the beginning, we’ve wanted to host our own podcast series focused on the business of influencer marketing.

This area of the internet has evolved so much over the last decade, and its growth continues to be explosive. As lawyers and as veterans in the online marketing space, our purpose with this podcast is to help all professionals in the influencer marketing space— influencers, brands, networks, and agencies— navigate this constantly changing digital terrain, by answering the questions we receive daily like:

How do I monetize?

How do I grow my business?

How do I scale my business?

How do I protect my business?

as well as sharing the perspectives of professionals from all corners of the influencer marketing world.

We will be honest with you, as we unveil our newest project we’re feeling a little bit like this:


 But also a whole lot like this:


In this inaugural episode, after working through our nervous excitement, we discuss:

There’s also a little bit of fun (optional) homework at the end. Listen up!

New episodes of the Businessese Influencer Marketing podcast will drop every Thursday. Make sure you never miss an episode by subscribing to our newsletter below, and let us know in the Businessese HQ group on Facebook what topics you’d like to see us cover in the future.

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