52: Optimizing Your Pinterest Strategy with Kate Ahl

Like every other social media channel, Pinterest has changed a lot over the yearsโ€” and changing algorithms means needing to update those marketing strategies. For many, however, Pinterest strategy sometimes takes a backseat, and can mean a lot of untapped potential for your business or brand.

Pinterest is very much like Google. It can drive traffic year over year… there’s a whole different type of ecosystem that influencers can really tap into, not only to connect with their audience, but to connect with brands.

-Kate Ahl

Just how much untapped potential? We’re practically rubbing our hands together, we’re so excited to dive into that information with this week’s guest, Kate Ahl. She’s also sharing all her top tips for evolving your Pinterest strategy to maximize traffic and convert pinners into customers.

Kate is the owner of Simple Pin Media, where she focuses on Pinterest management for those looking to take that task off their plate completely so they can refocus those energies back into their business. In addition to this strategic content management for her 120 clients (with the help of her team of 35), Kate walks listeners through bootstrapping their own Pinterest marketing on her weekly podcast.

Long story short: Kate knows a lot about Pinterest.

Listen in and learn about:

    • the type of growth she’s seen from clients once overhauling their Pinterest strategy
    • the relative importance of follower count as opposed to other metrics
    • how to determine your target audience, and how to get in front of them on Pinterest
    • Pinterest best practices, and the only penalty to keep in mind as you prepare your pins
    • when to update old pins, and when it’s a waste of time
    • the pros and cons of using a third party scheduler like Tailwind
    • how your Pinterest hashtag strategy should differ from Twitter or Instagram
    • recommended first steps for new Pinterest accounts, or when converting personal boards for your business

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