They say that the riches are in the niches. But what does that mean, exactly? How does finding your focus translate into more income, and how do you decide on that focus in the first place?

This week we’re welcoming Sarah Trenalone to the Businessese Influencer Marketing Podcast! Sarah is a food lover, traveler, and recipe developer at Champagne Tastes. Sarah first translated her B.F.A. in Fine Art Photography and M.A.T. in Art Education into a decade as a wedding photographer, but has moved on to a much tastier job– food writing and photography.

Champagne Tastes was started on a whim with a broad recipe base and no eye towards monetizing, but Sarah has found success through narrowing her niche to better serve her ideal reader (who she defines as an urban hippie, reconnecting with nature through food and sustainable recipes from the earth and sea while cooking in a smaller kitchen).

Listen in as Sarah walks us through:

Who is your ideal audience, and how can you narrow your niche for them? Let’s chat over in Businessese HQ!

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