One of the reasons that today’s guest, Sarah Cook from Sarah Cook Business Coaching, is so successful in her sales and marketing coaching business is because she knows how to utilize video. She doesn’t let any hang-ups, like wearing no makeup or having messy hair –  stop her. She will literally do a Facebook Live in her bath towel. She knows that those watching need her message, not her looking pretty.

This kind of approach, allows her to empower other business owners to improve their authenticity when it comes to their marketing and sales techniques specifically through video.

Why video? Being in front of the camera is a great way to show the real you off and help get your message across! Video is a more personal route, and your audience will decide in the first 5 seconds if they trust and like you.

Take a listen and learn more on what Sarah has discovered is her favorite platform for creating videos and reaching her audience, and where she gets some of her best ideas!

Find Sarah here:


Instagram: @coachsarahcook

Facebook: @sarahcookcoaching

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