Today, we’re back with the topic of speaking engagements! In this episode, we have the perfect guest to help answer some of those burning questions you have may if you’re still not sure about going down the speaking journey! Her name is Carol Cox and she knows a thing or two about public speaking and business storytelling having given speeches and presentations countless times over the past 15 years!

We get it! Starting out fresh when it comes to speaking engagements can be hard! Where does even one start when looking to start speaking? Carol shares her suggestions and answers other questions that include:

She also touches upon some common mistakes that she sees people make when they are first starting out trying to pitch and get speaking engagements! Hint: don’t make it all about you!

Carol also has a podcast, Speaking Your Brand, where she interviews and coaches purpose-driven women to shape their brands, grow their companies and become recognized as influencers in their field.

What steps are you taking to incorporate speaking into your business?

Please join us in the HQ to continue the conversation!

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Find Carol here:


Instagram: @CarolMorganCox

Facebook: @SpeakingYourBrand

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