Where are your people at?! Literally… where are they hanging out??


Have you ever felt like a certain social media platform just isn’t doing it for you? And not even just for you, but is not cutting it for you business?


That’s totally ok! I promise. 


Today we’re talking all about how to slay on Instagram with Dr Shanté Cofield, founder of The Movement Maestro! The Movement Maestro is a social-media based company that provides both online and in-person education for movement professionals.


Shanté discusses how she got started on social and why she chose Instagram as her platform of choice. 


Because – NEWS FLASH! – not all platforms are for everybody!


Shanté goes into detail on how to use Instagram to connect with your people and how to grow your following, which in turn can grow your business! Making it personal is the name of her game and she can teach how to do that for you and your company!


Please join us in the HQ to continue the conversation!

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Find Dr Shanté Cofield here:

Website: https://themovementmaestro.com  

Instagram: @themovementmaestro

Facebook: @TheMovementMaestro

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