Dr. Courtney Baker

Have you ever felt stuck? Like you are constantly climbing uphill and getting nowhere?


Dr. Cortney Baker will be speaking with us today and telling her story of having to jump every hurdle thrown her way in order to get where she wanted to be. She obtained her master’s degree while balancing the life of a single mother as well as made the tough decision of having to quit her “9-5 job” to pursue becoming an entrepreneur.


Jamie will be talking with Cortney and really diving in to find out:

> How she started the journey to becoming an entrepreneur

> The biggest challenges she’s faced as an entrepreneur

> What she does when she isn’t feeling fearless


And much more!!


You will want to hear every detail and more of Dr. Cortney’s journey! This quote from her should be more than enough to have you ready to listen:


“Don’t give up having fun to make money.”


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Find Cortney here:

Website: https://cortneybaker.com 

Instagram: @drcortneybaker

Facebook: @drcortneybaker

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