Online courses have been popping up everywhere! It’s a wonderful thing. We all know something, right? So why not teach others who are interested in learning our “something” and make a little extra money in the process??


Don’t be scared! You totally got this! 


And in case you don’t believe us, today we’re talking to Hilary Erickson of Pulling Curls. Hilary has been a nurse for 21 years and has turned her nursing career into hobby that she loves. She did this by starting her own blog and podcast. From there she launched into teaching an online prenatal course and much more! 


Today Jamie is talking to Hilary to find out how she did it! Listen now to learn how Hilary:

> Became a successful entrepreneur while also being a nurse

> What platform she chose for her online course and why

> Creates her content and then “throws it up online”


They dive deep into how Hilary manages her day to day. From the techie side of her business to who she has helping her with her daily business tasks.


Check out her course information here!


Have you taken courses to help you build your business to that next level? 


Please join us in the HQ and let us know which course you’ve taken to learn more and help your business grow!


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Find Hilary here:


Instagram: @pulling_curls, @pregnancynurse & @parenting.untangled

Facebook: @PullingCurls


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