How to Run a Successful Event


This week Mary goes solo! She is going to pull out some of the fancy tricks she keeps up her sleeve and let us all in on her secrets!


Listen to the full episode and learn how events can be helpful for your business and how you can use them in your upcoming marketing initiatives. Mary covers which events are right for her and how she prepares for them.


Here are just a few of the topics she’ll go over:
> The importance of knowing your purpose
> Different types of events and how they’re structured
> Why you should know what you want your attendees to walk away with
> All of the how to’s when it comes to picking and planning your event


And many more tips and tricks to hosting a successful event!


Mary also has a free event planning checklist that you can download here. Get your copy to get started on planning your next event!


One key thing to keep in mind: DO NOT start from scratch. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Use these tips to start off where you are now! 


Please join us in the HQ and let us know… Have you done events in your business? What are some learnings from your experiences or if you haven’t done events, what’s stopping you?


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