Writing Sales Pages That Work - Liz Theresa 


Sales pages can totally make or break it for some businesses. There are so many people out there offering their services, you have to have a copy that will grab the attention of your potential future customers. 


Today Jamie talks to Liz Theresa, the founder of LizTheresa.com. Liz is a copywriter and web designer from the Boston area who helps entrepreneurs launch and build online businesses they love. She’s also the host of the very conversational and very improvised Liz on Biz podcast.


Liz talks with Jamie and gives examples of how she could apply her strategy to Jamie’s “legal bonanza”! Some questions Jamie asks her are:

> What makes great sales copy?

> How do you start?

> Once you have the basics down, now what?


Liz shares several amazing sales copy tips with us throughout the interview. Tune in to hear them all and also, check out her Free Copywriting Training Video for even more tips! 


Please join us in the HQ and tell us about your sales pages. Do you have one? Do you love them or hate them? Do you have an amazing one – and are you willing to share an example with our crew?


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You can find Liz here:

Website: https://www.liztheresa.com 

Podcast: https://www.lizonbiz.com 

Facebook: @liztheresa & @InternetFameNow

Instagram: @liztheresa

Twitter: @LizTheresa

LinkedIn: @liztheresa

Pinterest: @liztheresa

YouTube: @LizTheresa



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