Laurie Palau

Today’s Fearless Founder is tidy, structured, and efficient. Not just with her own life, but with others’ as well!


Please allow us to introduce you to Lauria Palau from Simply B Organized. Laurie is a professional organizer and mentor who helps people live simply and work smarter.  Jamie gets to chat with her and we all get to hear about her journey and how her business transformed into what it is today! 


Some of the questions Laurie answers for us are: 

> What were the biggest lessons you learned when going from client services to creating a community to support people within your industry?
> Do you find yourself doing a lot of mentorship in this partner program?
> Who have you looked to as a mentor along this journey?


Tune in to find out what’s next for Laurie and Simply B Organized! 


Please join us in the HQ and tell us… what does your inbox look like?? Do you have to have 0 unread messages, or if that notification bar shows thousands of unread emails?


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Find Laurie here:

Website: Simply B Organized

Podcast: The Organized Life

Instagram: @simplyborganized 

Facebook: @simplyBorganized  

Twitter: @smplyBorganized

Pinterest: @smplyborganized

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