Stop Ignoring LinkedIn - Louise Brogan 


“What is the point of LinkedIn? How does it help my business? How many social platforms do I even have time for?”


These are pretty common questions when it comes to talking about LinkedIn. It is one of the many social media platforms that can help excel your business and expand your network, but where do you even start? Do you need a special strategy? Can you schedule ahead of time? Do you HAVE to pay for the premium account?


Mary talks with Louise Brogan of Social Bee NI this week to try to unpack all of those things! They are going to be answering some common questions to try to help make it all a little more clear for us. Some of these questions include:

> What is the most important part of your LinkedIn Profile?
> Why should someone be on LinkedIn?
> What is the proper etiquette to reaching out and connecting with people?


They answer these questions and so many more! Listen in for the details and be sure to connect with Jamie and Mary on LinkedIn!


Louise created a free LinkedIn mini guide that covers what to do on a daily & weekly basis for your LinkedIn growth. Get your copy here


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