Become a Social Media Strategy Wizard - Thea Stevenson


Make way for the revolutionary Thea Stevenson! 


No seriously, she is amazing at all things social media. Thea worked as a brand specialist when she realized that social media was becoming the new advertising. Thea saw the need to have your brand come out through your social media and made the leap to work in that space. She has now been working in social media for 8 years! 


Jamie works with Thea on the Hashtag-Legal social media channels and cannot brag about her enough. So today, these two will dig into all things social media content and ads! Some of the questions covered are: 

> What are some of the questions that anyone putting together a strategy should be thinking about answering?
> Once you have the strategy – where do you begin? What platform do you start with?
> Who is Pinterest a good fit for?


So much awesome social media guidance this week! 


Please join us in the HQ and let us know what your social media strategy is!


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You can find Thea here:





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