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Keeping in theme with our month of social media – we want to introduce you to our next Fearless Founders!


Please welcome, Jess and Lauren of ISO Style. ISO Style is the original insta-boutique. Specializing in contemporary fashion and wardrobe staples. Jess and Lauren are two moms who have a strong brand identity and voices and a wonderful way to show how you can scale something so personal and reach a greater audience. 


Listen in as Jamie talks with these phenomenal ladies about their recipe for success. They easily answer questions that show us their clear point of view, how they weren’t paying attention to what anyone else was doing, how they saw an idea; planned it and ran with it. 


Some of the many questions they cover are: 

> How did you come up with this idea?

> Have you utilized marketing or just spread through word of mouth?

> How did you navigate going from friendship to partnership?

> What made you decide you were ready to invest in the business and how did you know you felt comfortable putting money back into the business?


So many more questions asked and answered this week!  


Please join us in the HQ and tell us what fashion you’re shopping for now. Vacation, back to school (because kids must go back in the fall – right?!) or something else?


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You can find Jess and Lauren here: 

Instagram: @shopisostyle


New items posted on Monday, Wednesday & Friday at Noon Eastern Time. You see it? You like it? Then comment “Want it! – Size X”. Items sell out quickly! 


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