Fearless Founder - Avani Sarkar of Modi Toys


Have you ever wanted something so badly and it just doesn’t exist? It gives you the idea for the perfect invention – but what do you do next?


Today Mary is talking with Avani Sarkar of Modi Toys about how she figured out just that. Avani and her brother, Viral, were both becoming new parents around the same time. While being born in India themselves, they were left wondering how they were going to be able to pass down their culture to their children. They saw a gap in the toy market and knew they had to fill it! 


Mary goes into how Avani got Modi Toys up and running and everything in between. Some of the questions she asks are: 

> Where did the idea for Modi Toys come from?

> After your market research, did you wonder if people that said they would buy would actually buy the product when it was live?

> What are some marketing strategies that you’ve seen work for e-commerce product businesses?

> What is something that you used to fear in your business but don’t anymore?


Please join us in the HQ and tell us what your favorite products from small businesses are!


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Find Avani here:

Website: https://www.moditoys.com 


Facebook: @ModiToysForTots 




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