Ep. 127 Gina Gomez


Enneagrams are all the rage these days. We wanted to bring in someone that can break this down and explain the craze to all of you. 


Today, Gina Gomez joins us to do just that! Gina is an enneagram educator, self-discovery Coach, speaker and author. She has been studying the enneagram for over a decade now, and is so excited to see the world join her in the experience! 


Jamie and Gina discuss how the enneagram works in our personal lives as well as our business life. Even including what number you want to look for when hiring for certain positions in your biz. Some of the many great questions they cover are:

> It’s been around for years. Why do you think people are so excited about the enneagram now?

> What’s the best way to enter into the enneagram world?

> How do you use the results for self development?

> What is a mindfulness practice and how do you integrate that into your life?


Please join us in the HQ and tell us what your enneagram number is! 


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Find Gina Gomez here:


Website: https://ginagomez.co 

Book: The Enneagram & You

Instagram: @ginagomez.co 





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