Special Episode at INBOUND - Navigating Conflict with Difficult People


Pre-COVID, Jamie was asked to speak at this year’s INBOUND conference. INBOUND is a conference that gathers business professionals from almost every industry and is a great opportunity to inspire and educate your team, as well as grow your network. The conference is still on, just moved to a virtual platform vs in person and Jamie has the opportunity to spread her wisdom! 


In this episode, Jamie talks all about negotiation and more specifically, negotiating with difficult people. Jamie is a collaborative negotiator and believes that feeling comfortable and confident while negotiating is key. Some of the many areas she covers are:

> Her 6 steps to prepare for negotiations

> Setting the climate and the importance of having the ability to walk away 

> Steps to dealing with a difficult person

> And much more!


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Find Jamie here:

Courses: https://school.hashtag-legal.com/theunbusinessschool

Website: https://www.hashtag-legal.com 

YouTube: Jamie Lieberman

Twitter: @hashtaglegalllc 

Instagram: @hashtag_legal

Facebook: @hashtaglegallc 



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