The Power of Collaboration


Jamie has a special episode for us today! She is bringing on two of her dearest friends, Amanda Berlin and Amber De La Garza. All three of these ladies will be co-authors in an upcoming book A Well Designed Business – The Powertalk Friday Experts Volume 2. The book is being spearheaded by LuAnn Nigara and will have 12 total women collaborating to create a powerful book on how to create and run a profitable business. 


The ladies talk all about how they met, and how they came together to co-author this book. They talk more about what each of them does in their individual businesses and how valuable this group of women is to be able to open their eyes to other views and provide each other with new ideas.  


Some of the things they also discuss are: 

> Being able to collaborate together every other week, what do you get from it and why do you carve out that precious time for this?

> What tips can you provide on how to keep the collaborative group successful and full of steam?

> Give us a pre-release glimpse of what this book will bring to you!


Please join us in the HQ and tell us how you collaborate with others! 


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Find Amanda here:

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Facebook: @theproductivityspecialist 

LinkedIn: Amber De al Garza 


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