Natalie Gingrich - Hiring Your Operations Team Member


Today Jamie gets to talk with a queen of Ops! Natalie Gingrich from The Ops Authority chats with her all about how to successfully navigate hiring an operations team member. 


Natalie spent several years in the corporate business world, working in the Human Resource and Project Management sectors before she stumbled into entrepreneurship. She wanted to be more present for her family, and took the leap to step away from the corporate world and start her own business. 


The ladies cover so many things to help guide you through the operations member hiring process, including:

> Why does an organization need operations and why should a founder be thinking about it from day one?

> When do you know you’re ready?

> How do we let go of control?

> What qualities make a good operations professional?


… And so much more! 


Please join us in the HQ and let us know: Are you doing any hiring? Are you hiring before the end of 2020? Do you have plans to hire in 2021? Let’s brainstorm!


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Find Natalie here:


IG: @theopsauthority 


LinkedIn: @Natalie Gingrich

Podcast: The Ops Authority Podcast anywhere you listen to your podcasts


Natalie will soon be offering a couple of amazing programs for you!  

> Director of Operations Certification Program. The next round begins on November 30th!

> Scope Creep Solution Running from November 16th – 20th




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