Has anyone ever felt alone or felt the need for a “real” community? 


There is a POWER in building connections, friendships, mentors, groups, and relationships. And now, more than ever, we are finding the importance of having a community that can stand with us in the unknowns of life and business.


Today, Mary speaks with Jalpa Pandit, a Certified Gemologist, Jewelry Designer and entrepreneur who shares with us how true community and relationships are the power behind her staying focused, staying driven, gaining encouragement, and building her business.


Jalpa shares her experience and insights on:

> How community, connections, and word-of-mouth can grow your business

> The tangible ways on how community benefits business

> The many ways to network and meet people, but also focus on building a solid support system

> Tips for deciding which communities to join or invest in


Please join us in the HQ. We’d love to hear from you – tell us which communities you are a part of.

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Find Jalpa here:

Website: www.jalpapandit.com

Instagram: @jalpa.pandit.jewelry

Facebook: @jalpa.pandit.jewelry

Learn more about The Transitions Collective here: www.members.thetransitionscollective.com 





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