Episode 126 – Setting Boundaries and Saying No

  Today, Jamie flies solo! She gets to talk about one of her favorite topics and tell us all about her mad boundary setting skills!    We often find it challenging to say no. Worry and fear can creep in and saying no may feel like we’re going to lose something or miss out on […]

Episode 120 – It’s All About The Product Launches

July, here we come!    We’re dedicating this month to talk about something that is very near and dear to Mary’s heart. We’re going to discuss everything there is to know about launching those products – physical products to be exact! Mary is our go to lady for starting as well as scaling your product […]

Episode 84: How to Slay on Instagram

Where are your people at?! Literally… where are they hanging out??   Have you ever felt like a certain social media platform just isn’t doing it for you? And not even just for you, but is not cutting it for you business?   That’s totally ok! I promise.    Today we’re talking all about how […]

Episode 83: Introducing the FearLess Founders Series!

Introducing the FearLess Founders series!    Jamie and Mary know so many incredible business owners that are bringing great products and services to market while challenging the status quo. This new series will share their stories and dig deeper into their journey of entrepreneurship.    In this first episode we have a special guest interviewing […]

Episode 82: Crowdfund Like A Champ

Today we’re talking all about crowdfunding for your business with Kate Anderson, co-founder and Operations Director of iFundWomen. iFundWomen is a startup funding platform that provides access to capital through crowdfunding and grants, expert startup coaching, and lucrative connections that power you throughout your startup journey.    Kate discusses the purpose and benefits of rewards […]

Episode 70: How to Build Your Online Presence with Rosie Colosi

To fit into March’s theme of Visibility, today we’re talking with Rosie Colosi from Write with Rosie, about where and how to start when it comes to getting published. If you’ve never been published before, it can be overwhelming trying figure out how to pick the best avenue when there are so many options out […]