Episode 81: Making the Most of Branded PhotoShoots

Say Cheese! Today we’re talking all about branded photography with our guest, Mallika Malhotra. Mallika is a photographer and brand mentor that believes brand photography isn’t only about your photos, it is about being strategic, knowing your plan and what your goal is with your photos.  Jamie and Mallika cover various aspects of branded photography […]

Episode 80: Corporate Isn’t All Bad

Welcome to Mary’s first solo episode!  While Jamie is traveling to speak at a conference (or slacking off… just kidding!), Mary is taking the mic. Corporate can sometimes get a bad rap, but it’s not all bad. In this episode, Mary reflects on skills from corporate life that have helped in entrepreneurship.  Since Mary speaks […]

Episode 79: So You Have a Copycat

So you have a copycat. Now what? Do you ignore it? Do you get mad and fight back? Do you take legal action? This week we’re shedding some light on something that’s all too common, but not really talked about out in the open. Jamie and Mary have both had situations where people copied their […]

Episode 78: Practical Lessons To Building A Team

Welcome to Jamie’s first solo episode! The only way to describe how she feels is….   via GIPHY While Mary is off vacationing, Jamie decided it would be a great time to chat about the lessons she learned from the last podcast episode with Niki Ramirez and to generally give her tips about growing and […]

Episode 77: Hiring Isn’t So Bad

The definition of Human Resources (HR) is all things that involve employees and quite frankly, it can be a scary couple of words for some small business owners! Luckily, our guest today from HR Answers is Niki Ramirez. Her goal is to demystify HR and make it an area that is more comfortable for business […]

Episode 76: Why and When to Rebrand with Maggie Patterson

What does it mean to rebrand? Often times people think that simply changing the visual aspect of your business is the only thing that needs to be updated, but rebranding goes deeper than that. Our guest today, Maggie Patterson from Scoop Studios and Small Business Boss, is sharing her expertise when it comes to rebranding […]

Episode 75: Need to Know Branding Basics with Ali Craig

What drives someone to be your customer? The answer: a connection. This connection is what gets a person to say yes to your brand vs. a competitor’s, and what should help guide you when you build your branding for your business. Our guest today, Ali Craig, believes that branding is a deeply personal experience and […]

Episode 74: Building Your Brand Through Speaking With Carol Cox

Today, we’re back with the topic of speaking engagements! In this episode, we have the perfect guest to help answer some of those burning questions you have may if you’re still not sure about going down the speaking journey! Her name is Carol Cox and she knows a thing or two about public speaking and […]

Episode 73: Kickstart Your Speaking Engagements

If you’ve been on the fence about doing speaking engagements but are looking for advice and first-hand experience from those who already speak, this episode is for you! Plus, you’re in for a special treat because Producer Don appears as a special guest to interview Jamie and Mary. Our conversation today showcases two sides of […]

Episode 71: Uplevel Your Video Skills With Jamar Jones

Making videos is where it’s at right now – people want to see it, to believe it. Videos aren’t just helpful and entertaining for the audience watching them, they are also a tool that can help business owners take their business to the next level. The benefits are tremendous when it comes to going the […]