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Episode 72: Using Video As A Not So Scary Marketing Tool With Sarah Cook

One of the reasons that today’s guest, Sarah Cook from Sarah Cook Business Coaching, is so successful in her sales and marketing coaching business is because she knows how to utilize video. She doesn’t let any hang-ups, like wearing no makeup or having messy hair –  stop her. She will literally do a Facebook Live in her bath towel. She knows that those watching need her message, not her looking pretty.

This kind of approach, allows her to empower other business owners to improve their authenticity when it comes to their marketing and sales techniques specifically through video.

Why video? Being in front of the camera is a great way to show the real you off and help get your message across! Video is a more personal route, and your audience will decide in the first 5 seconds if they trust and like you.

Take a listen and learn more on what Sarah has discovered is her favorite platform for creating videos and reaching her audience, and where she gets some of her best ideas!

Find Sarah here:


Instagram: @coachsarahcook

Facebook: @sarahcookcoaching

69: Let’s Get Visible

This months theme is Visibility! We know. Everyone hates talking about themselves (except Jamie, she loves it). But visibility is one of the most important aspects of your business – otherwise how will people know you exist? Without a strong visible presence – how will your audience choose YOU?

#sorrynotsorry, we couldn’t resist.

About 99% of the time, you’re going to have to work hard for that visibility. The chances that your business or product is going to go to viral is about as unlikely as an Olivia Newton John comeback. We kid, we love her!

Have no fear, this is why we bring you all of the amazing experts! This week Jamie is interviewing the fabulous, Amanda Berlin, who after years of experience as a corporate publicist strategist is now using her pitch powers for good.

Amanda walks us through her process to help clients set goals so they can more effectively create a visibility strategy. She also shared the most common mistakes that she sees when business owners start pitching, where to start and what’s most important when approaching a media outlet or influencer.

This is a great episode if you want to pitch media, but feel overwhelmed by the process.

To learn more, you can visit Amanda’s website and listen to her podcast called, Empowered Publicity, where she talks to influencers and entrepreneurs who are already crushing the visibility awesomeness despite the fears they may have had to overcome. Don’t miss it!

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68: How To Plan For And Gracefully End A Partnership (And Why Data Is Sexy)

Being that February’s theme here at FearLess is CHANGE, what better way to dive deep into the idea than to discuss one of the biggest changes that can occur in a business – breaking up with your business partner.

A lot has happened for Jamie in the last month and in this episode, she’s sharing her story about the time – not so long ago – when she and her business partner, Danielle, sat down and came to a mutual agreement to end their partnership.   Jamie talks about the process, how planning at the beginning of the partnership made a huge difference in the end and how respect and communication were the keys to an amicable split.

We can’t forget the feelings! With such a big change, came a mix of emotions: fear, overwhelm, and excitement (a la Jessie Spano).


Never fear, though, Mary helped Jamie through the process and managed to convince her data is sexy?

It is! We swear! Mary discusses how tracking the proper data in any business will help you get a better understanding of what’s really going on. As a service-based business owner and being heavily referral based, Jamie was able to see what made the most sense to her and how the data shared was helping her. The numbers show you the proof you need – all thanks to a spreadsheet and data analysis from Mary!

After discussing the data, it made Jamie feel she had control over a process that felt out of control at times. As you listen, you’ll realize that all this wonderful talk about data could really be another episode down the line – so stay tuned!

Be sure to check back with us in two weeks, where we will have entered March and will tackle a new theme: VISIBILITY.

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67: So begins our fearless adventure

Welcome to Episode 67? … or … Episode 1? … of the FearLess Business Podcast!


We get it.  Stay with us.  It is worth it (pinky swear).

Many of you may know this podcast by our old name. But check it out, we are all shiny and new!

So, what happened?

Let’s just say, a lot.

First, Jamie has a new co-host. Special welcome to the lovely Mary Clavieres, who you may remember from Episode 38. Once Mary was railroaded signed on, we knew we needed a new name for the podcast. Hello FearLess Business Podcast! And then once we found our new name, it was only natural to take a hard look at what we really wanted to talk about each week.


So why FearLess? And why on earth did we spell it that way?

We are planning to talk about the tough business topics. Those topics you know you are supposed to deal with (ahem, legal, data collection, sales tactics, pitching, marketing … ) but really really do not want to. Trust me, we get it. Excel spreadsheets make one of us (Jamie) weep.

These are the topics that scare many business owners, but they shouldn’t. Seriously. It is all good. We are going to fear less. (See what we did there?)

We are going to demystify these topics, make them manageable and help you to embrace all the awesome. Mary and Jamie’s unique backgrounds make them a great pair to talk about how you:

  • Build a business
  • Deal with transitions in your business
  • Fear less and do more of the work you love

Each month we plan to tackle a theme. The theme for February is Change.  Because change is good. Like, really good. In March, we have some great interviews lined up to help you gain more visibility in your business. Who doesn’t want to be seen and heard?

To start, we will be dropping episodes every other Thursday. Expect great interviews with some killer guests. We promise.

Join our Facebook Group. Come tell us all of the topics you want us to tackle. Or send us a love note. We like those too.

P.S. Mary also does a great video series where she interviews experts in different areas that offer resources and information for anyone starting or running a business.  

66: The One Where Someone Says Goodbye

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

The new year is an ideal time for fresh starts and redefining goals, and it’s bringing some ch-ch-ch-changes to our businesses and podcast.

This is both our first episode of 2019 and the end of the line for the Businessese Influencer Marketing Podcast as you know it— as one of its hosts is leaving it as well as Hashtag Legal.

(Don’t panic! The podcast will live on, just in a new, rebranded form. New episodes are on the way.)

Listen in to this week’s episode to find out who is leaving, and to learn more about what our conscious uncoupling means for Businessese, Hashtag Legal and the podcast. There may be tears involved, but we’re so excited about what lies ahead for 2019 and so grateful to have had our listeners along for the journey this far!

Make sure you’re in the Businessese HQ to stay updated on new episodes and other developments.

What does 2019 have in store for you?

65: Candid Conversations: Keeping Content Creative

We like alliteration. Can you tell?

Now that we’ve wrapped up our Unlock the Mystery series, which pulled back the curtain on how bloggers and influencers make their money, we’re kicking off a new set of themed episodes! Candid Conversations continues to be a behind the scenes look at online businesses, but this series will dive into the questions we most frequently see asked (or those we are asked ourselves) when it comes to influencer marketing.

Inspired by a session Jamie recently attended at the Social Fresh social marketing conference, this week we’re covering keeping your content creative.

Producing content that’s fresh and engaging on a regular basis is challenging. Factor in that you want what you’re producing to be sustainable and authentic— to be interesting to you personally, reflecting your mission and values without becoming repetitive— while also meeting your audience’s particular needs, and it’s easy to see how influencers and brands alike can struggle to find new angles and avoid burnout.

In this episode, we talk about some of the questions raised at that Social Fresh session, as well as our own struggles creating content for our podcast and tips we’ve picked up along the way. Listen in as we discuss:

  • being intentional and strategic with your content
  • getting ahead of your calendar by having a content plan in place
  • staying creative without a large budget
  • the importance of taking risks
  • taking advantage of breaks
  • incorporating humor

and more, including a little confession from Danielle.

How do you keep your content creative? Bounce on over to Businessese HQ: we’d love to hear your tips.

Social Fresh
Monetization Tips for Influencers with Jenny Guy
Sugarsuckle on Instagram

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64: Unlock the Mystery: Behavioral Economics with Melina Palmer

What prompts a customer to buy?

It’s the magic question of marketing.

While we humans are not logical, we are very predictable.
-Melina Palmer

Behavioral economics, simply put, is the psychology behind why people buy: understanding how the brain works and how that impacts purchasing decisions.

It’s understanding that the brain is bombarded with information, all day, every day.

It’s knowing that the brain has preferences, irrational as they may be, and by truly understanding your customers and giving them a gentle nudge in the direction of those preferences can make a huge difference for your business.

This week on the Businessese Influencer Marketing Podcast, we’re super excited to talk to Melina Palmer about leveraging behaviorial economics to improve conversions! Melina is the host of the Brainy Business Podcast, where she uses behavioral economics to unlock the mystery behind those small changes that make an impact— resulting in messaging, branding, advertisements, pricing and products that are more “brain friendly” (and profitable). She also helps others understand and apply these concepts as a strategist and a speaker.

Tune in as Melina discusses:

  • loss aversion as a valuable way to drive purchases
  • how changing one word in sales copy led to a 38% increase in sales
  • a slight shift in the pricing structure on your website that can translate into big sales
  • how many times a person needs to be exposed to something before they take action
  • strategies to encourage your audience to click and convert through affiliate content
  • the best way to disclose sponsored work while retaining authenticity

Do you find this topic as fascinating as we do? Let us know in Businessese HQ!

The Brainy Business
Free download: The 10 Behavioral Economics Concepts You Need To Know AND HOW TO APPLY THEM
Melina on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn
A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas by Warren Berger

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63: Unlock the Mystery: Maximizing Ad Revenue with Amber Bracegirdle

Think display ads are a waste of time and website real estate?

Think again.

For many bloggers, running ads was a first, failed attempt at monetization. Frustrated with a lack of control over what ads were served to their readers, an impossibly slow load time, and/or an unexpectedly low payout, they eventually chalked the experience up as a lesson learned, removing the ads and never looking back.

But like everything else on the digital landscape, advertising has changed and evolved. Running display ads can most definitely generate real revenue, providing a lucrative and relatively passive income stream. The key is optimizing your site for your advertising— and your advertising for your audience.

There is always a loss in user experience to add advertising to your site. That doesn’t mean don’t do it. It just means that the return on that advertising needs to be worth it.

Amber Bracegirdle

This week on the Businessese Influencer Marketing Podcast, Amber Bracegirdle unlocks the mystery behind best practices for maximizing ad revenue. Amber is a co-founder at Mediavine, a full service ad management company working with 4000 bloggers across the entire lifestyle spectrum, as well as the managing editor of and co-host of the Theory of Content podcast.

Amber is all about SEO and making the business of blogging better, and she shares all the good stuff in this episode! Listen in as she goes over:

  • why placing ads on your site can be a gamechanger
  • how Mediavine’s ad system differs from others, generating more income
  • “affiliate marketing and ads don’t mix” and two more digital advertising myths
  • how display advertising affects SEO
  • how website owners can optimize for ad income— and the biggest mistakes they often make
  • who should start adding ads to their site (hint: it’s not everybody)

What has your experience running ads been like? What are your top tips— or your most trying trials? Let’s talk it out over in Businessese HQ.

Mediavine and the Mediavine Facebook group
Food Fanatic
The Theory of Content podcast
Travel Blogging and Monetization with Amanda Williams
The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and the Harry Potter series from J.K. Rowling
How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids by Jancee Dunn
Contact Amber:

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62: Unlock the Mystery: Narrowing Your Niche with Sarah Trenalone

They say that the riches are in the niches. But what does that mean, exactly? How does finding your focus translate into more income, and how do you decide on that focus in the first place?

This week we’re welcoming Sarah Trenalone to the Businessese Influencer Marketing Podcast! Sarah is a food lover, traveler, and recipe developer at Champagne Tastes. Sarah first translated her B.F.A. in Fine Art Photography and M.A.T. in Art Education into a decade as a wedding photographer, but has moved on to a much tastier job– food writing and photography.

Champagne Tastes was started on a whim with a broad recipe base and no eye towards monetizing, but Sarah has found success through narrowing her niche to better serve her ideal reader (who she defines as an urban hippie, reconnecting with nature through food and sustainable recipes from the earth and sea while cooking in a smaller kitchen).

Listen in as Sarah walks us through:

  • the process of narrowing her niche
  • where she is financially with her blog business
  • her current income streams and what new ones she is looking to incorporate
  • the steps she’s taken to generate more time and traffic
  • her advice for those just starting out, or just starting to monetize
  • how she approaches brands for partnerships

Who is your ideal audience, and how can you narrow your niche for them? Let’s chat over in Businessese HQ!

Champagne Tastes
Sarah on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

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61: Unlock the Mystery: Launching a Subscription Box Business with Kelly Pugliano

Who doesn’t love a subscription box? Whether you received a subscription as a gift or if you subscribed as a gift to yourself, it’s exciting to have that box arrive in your mailbox and to reveal the surprises inside. This particular business model has been booming: the market has grown by 890% since 2014, and 2017 saw a 10% increase over the year before.

We’re so happy to have Kelly Pugliano on the podcast this week to talk about launching a successful subscription box business. Kelly is an entrepreneur, speaker, award winning writer and photographer, and the founder of Eat Picks. Inspired by her love of farmers’ markets and her desire to help support small businesses and local artisans, Kelly founded Roost Crate, a subscription service curating unique, thoughtful, creative artisan gifts.

I decided that at that stage in my life I needed to pursue my own dream rather than supporting someone else’s.

-Kelly Pugliano

Tune in to learn about:

  • Kelly’s pivots from mom blog to food blog to launching her own business
  • how and why she made the decision to launch Roost Crate
  • how long she planned and the steps she took pre-launch
  • her decision to bootstrap vs taking on investors
  • some of the challenges Kelly faced during and post-launch
  • her insights about maintaining her blog while managing and scaling her business

Plus, one super helpful tip for taking professional-looking photos with your phone.

Any other money mysteries you’d like unlocked? Shout ’em out in Businessese HQ.

Roost Crate and Eat Picks
Roost Crate on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram
Eat Picks on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram
Titles from author Dan Brown
Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen by Donald Miller

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