Episode 134 – Productivity & Operations

Productivity & Operations

  We have said it before and we’re saying it again – processes are important! Mary loves them and Jamie is learning to love them more and more!    Due to the pandemic, many families are working from home, schooling from home, homing from home. It’s A LOT. It can result in missing any semblance […]

Episode 133 – Fearless Founder : Jennifer Hutton of Building Allyship

Jennifer Hutton of Building Allyship

  Allyship is at the forefront of many of our minds. Many of us are asking the valid question: “What can we do to help?!” Today Jamie is talking with Jennifer Hutton of the membership community Building Allyship. She is working to help us all answer this very question!    Jennifer is a pediatric physical […]

Episode 131 – Making the Most of Memberships

Nicole Giordano - Making the Most of Memberships

  Memberships are pretty popular these days. It may seem like an easy way to scale your business, but what goes on behind the scenes? Today we’re talking to Nicole Giordano, founder of Startup Fashion, an online community and resource helping thousands of global independent fashion designers with building their businesses.   Over the past […]

Episode 130 – Launch with Confidence

Jessica Rodriguez Launch with Confidence

  Today is all about launching your courses and memberships! Jessica Rodriguez comes on to give us all of her insights on the topic.   Jessica is the founder of Freedom Driven Success and she has an unapologetic mission to help purpose-driven businesses expand beyond a 1:1 reliant business model with scalable offers that allow […]

Episode 129 – Courses, Memberships and Communities

Courses, Memberships and Communities

  Happy September! Back to school – whatever that looks like for everyone!   This leads us right into what we want to cover this month. We’ve chatted a bit about this before with Hilary Erickson in Episode 95: You Can Create a Course, and more and more people are offering a community as a […]

Episode 128 – The Entrepreneur Mindset

Dr Jay Chopra

  In today’s episode, Mary talks with Dr. Jay Chopra, co-founder of Making Shift Happen. Jay is a former Fortune 100 executive, and is one of only a handful of master certified Whole Brain® facilitators globally. His insight on Whole Brain® thinking and the entrepreneur mindset is amazing.    To get a visual to go […]

Episode 127 – All About the Enneagram

Ep. 127 Gina Gomez

  Enneagrams are all the rage these days. We wanted to bring in someone that can break this down and explain the craze to all of you.    Today, Gina Gomez joins us to do just that! Gina is an enneagram educator, self-discovery Coach, speaker and author. She has been studying the enneagram for over […]

Episode 125 – Mind Your Mindset

Mind Your Mindset

  We are moving right along in 2020… right into August. The summer is full steam ahead and we’re just over here dodging hurricanes like it’s no big deal.    This month we’re focusing on mindset. Today we start by defining what mindset means and specifically what it means to us. Like a lot of […]

Episode 124 – Your Big Idea: Starting and Scaling a Product Business

Jacqueline & Minna from the Product Boss

  Are you currently running your own product-based business? Do you ever find yourself wondering how to grow your business or what the right next step is for you?   Today Jamie talks to the co-founders of The Product Boss, Jacqueline Snyder and Minna Khounlo-Sithep. They teach business owners how to grow and scale their […]

Episode 123 – Fearless Founder : Avani Sarkar of Modi Toys

Fearless Founder - Avani Sarkar of Modi Toys

  Have you ever wanted something so badly and it just doesn’t exist? It gives you the idea for the perfect invention – but what do you do next?   Today Mary is talking with Avani Sarkar of Modi Toys about how she figured out just that. Avani and her brother, Viral, were both becoming […]