Episode 165 – See You Later

  Today is hard!      Today is bittersweet!   Today is the last episode of the Fearless Business Podcast!    While this may shock a few of you, we all know…not all decisions in business are easy, but sometimes they must be made.     Mary and Jamie jump on one last time to share with […]

Episode 164 – Hiring 101

  Jamie goes solo today to talk about one of her favorite topics…HIRING!   Why… you might ask? Because it was one of the most terrifying things she did at some point in her own business. But once you nail down the process, it gets easier every time.   In this episode, Jamie shares her […]

Episode 163 – Hiring The Right Candidate…For The Right Role!

  Do you know you need help in your business, but have no idea what you actually need to delegate or how to properly define the role you are looking to fill?   This is one of the biggest struggles of hiring. Narrowing down what you actually NEED to hire for to ensure you are […]

Episode 162 – Let’s Get Hiring!

  Your PEOPLE are your greatest ASSET!   If you are in the mode of hiring or contracting work and wanting to grow and scale your business, then you won’t want to miss this month’s series all about HIRING.    In this episode, Mary and Jamie dive into the importance of planning and the strategies […]

Episode 161 – Fearless Founder : Julie Ball of Sparkle Hustle Grow

  Is there someone in business you look up to?   Everyone has someone they look up to in business and Jamie shares that Julie Ball was one of her “woman business” crushes.  This is no surprise when you hear about the amazing start up of this subscription box business and the joy, connection, and […]

Episode 160 – The Power of Community with Jalpa Pandit

    Has anyone ever felt alone or felt the need for a “real” community?    There is a POWER in building connections, friendships, mentors, groups, and relationships. And now, more than ever, we are finding the importance of having a community that can stand with us in the unknowns of life and business.   […]

Episode 159 – Work Life Balance is Overrated – There’s A Better Way!

    This week Mary goes solo and brings us her experience and expertise on integrating your business time with other areas of your life.   According to Mary, having a work-life balance is unachievable, a myth, and sets you up for unrealistic expectations for yourself. Trying to obtain this so-called “work life balance” is […]

Episode 158 – So You Started A Business…Now What?

    Jamie is flying solo today!  She is sharing her expertise in the technical and legal aspects of starting a business and what steps to take once you make this move to be an entrepreneur.    Whether you are starting a business, or have already started a business…there are many considerations to think about […]

Episode 157 – Our Big News

    Things evolve!  Businesses change!  And as business owners, we must be willing to be Fearless and accept change, while being true to ourselves. In this episode, co-hosts Jamie and Mary join together to share some BIG and exciting news! You don’t want to miss the big reveal on what is going on! Tune […]

Episode 156 – What Is “Google My Business” Anyway?

    Are you a business looking for a free directory listing that can bring in more customers? Many people don’t know, but Google provides a free “Google My Business” listing to businesses that can serve businesses locally!   Today, Mary speaks with Amanda Tento, Owner and Founder of TDM Marketing, 337 Networking, and host […]