Episode 155 – Launching and Scaling a Digital Product

    If you are an entrepreneur wanting to launch a digital product and scale your business, this episode is for you!   Today, Jamie speaks with Monica Froese, Founder of Empowered Business Co. and Redefining Mom, LLC. Monica’s mission is to empower women to create financial independence through building their own 6-figure digital product businesses. […]

Episode 154 – Selling on Amazon

    If you are considering selling your product online, it is definitely a strategic process to determine which platform is best and why. It is extremely important to be knowledgeable on each platform that is available to save yourself from limitations, to save yourself money, and really know which avenue is best for YOUR […]

Episode 153 – Products, Products, Products

    Are you a product-based business?  Or are you thinking of incorporating a product into your current service-based business? There are so many aspects of the ecommerce arena and in this next month, you will learn tons of tips and advice on how to be successful when selling your product on Amazon and other […]