Episode 150 – Business Exit Planning

Joel Field - Business Exit Planning

    Have you ever considered selling your business one day? Most business owners spend a lot of time planning when creating and growing their businesses, but don’t consider the planning that goes into exiting their business.    Today Jamie talks to Joel Field who is a certified financial planner and owner of Field Financial […]

Episode 149 – Word of the Year

Word of the Year

    Here we go again!    We had a good laugh listening to last year’s “words of the year”, seeing now how the whole 2020 thing played out.    We notoriously love to pick a word for the upcoming year – even if the year doesn’t even remotely go as we had planned.    […]

Episode 148 – A Year In Review

A Year in Review

    It’s that time of year again! The time for everyone to reflect back on the year they’ve had and look forward to the year ahead of us!    Obviously 2020 has been a rollercoaster for everyone, so that puts a new spin on things for us this year. But either way – tToday […]

Episode 147 – Women in Leadership

Jahaan Blake - Women in Leadership

    Women are powerful forces – and when they tap into their strengths, they can lead their teams to unimaginable heights.    Today we talk to Jahaan Blake, the founder and CEO of The J. Blake Group. Jahaan is a Sports Executive turned Career Coach who helps high achieving women in the Sports and […]

Episode 146 – Leading with Purpose & Impact

Belma McCaffrey - Leading with Purpose & Impact

    Most of us have heard of, and likely have, a Vision and a Mission for our company. But have you considered adding Purpose and Impact to this solid foundation?   Today Mary talks with Belma McCaffrey, a career and leadership coach and CEO/Founder of Work Bigger. Belma and her company help high achievers […]

Episode 145 – Leadership Through Play

Jeff Harry - Leadership Through Play

    All work and no play? That won’t get you very far at all!    Today Jamie talks with Jeff Harry. Jeff is the founder of Rediscover Your Play, where he combined positive psychology and play to tackle businesses most painful issues in the workplace. He shows individuals and companies how to tap into […]

Episode 144 – December Is All About Leadership


    As 2020 is rolling toward the end, Jamie and Mary wanted to come together and spend the month reflecting. More specifically, reflecting on all things leadership.   How did we rise to challenges this year? How did we handle situations that we’ve never experienced before? They dive in and take a look at […]

Episode 143 – Maximize Your Virtual Sales Efforts

Andrea Moxham - Maximize Your Virtual Sales Efforts

    When you hear “sales” do you get excited or do you want to run and hide?   Today Jamie talks with Andrea Moxham, the Founder of Horseshoe + co, to cover all the bases of sales. Whether you are a pro or avoid it at all cost, this episode is for you! Andrea […]

Episode 142 – Own Your CRM

Stacie Sussman - Own Your CRM

    When it comes to contact management, moving over to using a CRM system can oftentimes feel like a big project.    Today Mary talks to Stacie Sussman, the Chief Technology Officer of SSR Digital Group. Stacie is a leader in scaling SMEs and startups to grow their revenue through sales and marketing strategies […]

Episode 141 – Learn to Love Your Marketing Data

Dawn Foster - Learn to Love Your Marketing Data

    Numbers don’t need to be overwhelming – but we can often find ourselves unsure where to start.    This week Jamie talks with Dawn Foster from D. Foster Marketing. Dawn provides marketing and branding services to solopreneurs and small business owners. She steps in to act as their marketing director to help them […]