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34: Growing Your Business with Social Media with Lisa Lehmann

It’s amazing to think that 20 years ago, someone graduating with a marketing degree had no experience with social media marketing— because that wasn’t a thing yet. Social media as a concept was in its infancy.

Today, it’s nearly unimaginable to consider a marketing campaign without a social element.

In between, there were pioneers— bloggers, vloggers and business owners who embraced social platforms as early adopters and established close knit communities of loyal followers. No bots, no apps, no how-to guides, just growing their business and sphere of influence with lots of conversation and the strength of their own vibrant personalities.

This week on the Businessese Influencer Marketing Podcast, we are super excited to chat with one of those pioneers. Lisa Lehmann of Lisa Lehmann Designs has been designing and creating handcrafted jewelry for over 16 years, and blogging for 15 years. Her passion for creating spills over into creating her online presence and cultivating her online community, and it shows. Her followers love her jewelry, her storytelling, and her voice: testimony to the power of authenticity and a solid brand.

They need to connect with you in order to connect with whatever service or whatever widget you’re going to sell. They need to make sure that you’re the person they want to connect with and then the rest will follow.

-Lisa Lehmann

Listen in as Lisa discusses:

  • how her social media strategy has changed over the years
  • cultivating community on social media and keeping up with conversations amidst the noise
  • the importance of being authentic
  • what she considers to be the “biggest trick” to social media
  • using storytelling and consistency to strengthen the voice of your brand
  • social media advice for those now starting online businesses

How are you using social media to communicate your brand story? Let’s hear it over at our private Facebook group for digital entrepreneurs and small business owners, Businessese HQ.

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23: Building Your Brand Strategy with Stacey Ferguson

“What is my mission? What is my brand story?”

They say that a dream without a plan is just a wish. That a goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.

We’re going to say that a business without a dream, a goal, a plan, and a deadline is a mess.

A well developed brand strategy ties all of these essential elements together for your business. It refines your why (your overall vision and dream) and your what and when (specific goals on a specific timeline) before nailing down the how with a long-term plan that moves you toward achieving your goals.

It can feel like an tremendous undertaking, but once your brand strategy is clearly defined it provides a framework to follow. Your day to day decisions and path to success will become easier and more clearly defined as well.

For this week’s episode of the Businessese Influencer Marketing Podcast, we were super excited to sit down and chat with Stacey Ferguson about building a digital brand strategy and so much more. Stacey has hit legend status for those who have been immersed in this space for some time: she started blogging in 2006 about being a working mom and attorney on Mama Law, before co-founding the Be Blogalicious conference and networking community celebrating diversity in social media. She’s now an influencer coach, media personality, digital brand strategist, content creator, public speaker, and Chief Curator of the Be Blogalicious community and conferences.

Listen in to hear us discuss:

  • how Blogalicious has evolved along with influencer marketing— and what’s in store this year for its 10th anniversary
  • Stacey’s “recipe” for running a successful event
  • what has changed the most in influencer marketing over the last decade
  • the importance of brand strategy for influencers, as well as knowing your audience
  • tips for crafting better pitches
  • how to give a full picture of the value you’ve provided a brand
  • something you probably should have done six months ago to boost productivity and revenue
  • the components of your personal brand that Stacey finds essential for a sustainable revenue stream

They’re hiring you, at the end of the day, so that they can show a return on their investment. That you’re a great marketing resource for the brand. And so I want influencers to be extremely professional.

-Stacey Ferguson

There’s a ton of topics to chew on when it comes to building your brand strategy—join us over in Businessese HQ on Facebook to share your questions, progress, and flashes of brilliance!

Stacey’s website:
Be Blogalicious
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